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What is End Point Assessment?

The introduction of End Point Assessment (EPA) is one of the biggest changes in the history of apprenticeships.

Instead of being assessed continually throughout their course, all apprentices will now have to complete an End-Point Assessment to complete their qualification. The EPA is designed to test whether each apprentice has gained the skills, knowledge and behaviours outlined in the apprenticeship standard.

The EPA involves a series of tests that an apprentice must pass to prove that they have the ability to undertake the job they have been training for. These tests take place at the end of an apprenticeship, following a period of training and development referred to as the ‘on-programme’ period.

The employer, apprentice and training provider must all decide together that the individual is ready for the EPA process. This decision-making is known as the ‘gateway’ to End-Point Assessment.

The End-Point Assessment is the apprentice’s opportunity to showcase their talents.

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Top FAQs

Who can administer the End Point Assessment?2018-04-19T08:51:12+00:00

The end-point assessment must be conducted by a registered assessment organisation that is independent from the apprentice’s training provider and/or employer, to ensure everyone following the same apprenticeship standard is assessed consistently.

How much does it cost?2018-02-12T09:25:25+00:00

Fees will often vary by apprenticeship standard. Our fees include quality assurance and certification costs, and are constructed in accordance with the standard pay structure. Discounts on fees can be offered when there will be a number of assessments, or where multiple assessments can be undertaken in one day in one location. Contact us for more information on fees.

How will assessments be conducted?2018-02-12T09:25:00+00:00

Each assessment is defined within each individual apprenticeship standard assessment plan. The synoptic assessments are designed to be holistic, and evaluate the skills, knowledge and behaviours over a broad range of the relevant standard. A range of assessment methods will be used at each End-Point Assessment. These can include: tests, observations, projects, professional discussions, competency interviews and portfolio reviews.

When do you need to appoint an EPA organisation?2018-02-12T09:24:09+00:00

You should decide on your End Point Assessment quite early into the apprenticeship journey. There is a register of approved End Point Organisations that explains which particular organisations are approved to offer independent assessment. It is the decision of the employer working with the apprentice to select an End Point Assessment Organisation.

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