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15 months



EPA Price*


External Quality Assurance Body


*This price represents our maximum charge for the standard EPA (excluding reassessment). Please get in touch to discuss potential discounts and added value.

End-Point Assessment Requirements

English and maths

Before an apprentice can progress to End-point Assessment, they must have achieved the relevant level of English and maths, as per the requirements of the apprenticeship standard.

Level 3 apprentices are required to achieve Level 2 English and maths.

Practical Observation with Questions

  • The observation with questions involves an independent assessor observing and questioning an apprentice undertaking a range of day-to-day work, as part of their normal duties, in the workplace to allow them to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and behaviours through naturally occurring evidence.
  • The observation will include questioning to clarify knowledge and understanding of the activities being observed.
  • The observation with questioning will last for 60 minutes (+/-10% at the independent assessor’s discretion), with the questioning taking no more than 15% of the time allowed.
  • The observation with questions is graded fail, pass or distinction.

Work-Based Project supported by an Interview

  • The subject of the project report should be agreed upon with PAL with guidance from the employer in order to allow them to comment on appropriateness for their business. The subject should cover a specific high-level challenge (such as a complaint or difficult situation) that the apprentice has dealt with explaining what it was, what actions (planning and execution) they took, what solutions were offered, details of any recommendations made to change a policy or process and any feedback from the customer.
  • The written report must be 2500 words (+/- 10%), excluding annexes. All work on the project will be undertaken following the Gateway process over a two-month period.
  • The apprentice must submit a written project report to PAL two weeks prior to an interview date.
  • The interview with the independent assessor will focus on the written project and any supporting annexes.
  • The interview will last for 60 minutes (+/-10% at the independent assessor’s discretion).
  • The work-based project with interview is graded fail, pass or distinction.
  • Webinar or video conferencing software can be used for the interview.

Professional Discussion underpinned by a Portfolio of Evidence

  • The independent assessor will review the portfolio of evidence and use it to identify areas for the professional discussion – it is not directly assessed.
  • The professional discussion must last 60 minutes (+/-10% at the independent assessor’s discretion).
  • The portfolio of evidence must be present during the discussion and apprentices will be expected to draw on its contents.
  • The professional discussion is graded fail, pass or distinction.
  • Webinar or video conferencing software can be used for the assessment.
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How to engage with PAL.

Engaging with PAL couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us at or on 0800 1601899. Our senior team will contact you to find out about your requirements in more detail and discuss how we might need to adapt our approach to meet your needs. Once you are happy that PAL is the right fit for your programme, we set up your account, share our library of resources and support you to register your apprentices. You can then rest assured that you have a dedicated team on hand to guide you through your EPA journey and provide a responsive service when your apprentices are ready to be assessed.

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