The published price represents our maximum charge (excluding reassessment) for each apprentice. Please get in touch to discuss where discounts might be available and where PAL can add value.

In accordance with ESFA conditions for end-point assessment organisations, PAL’s EPA fees are not more than 20% of the funding band maximum for the standard, and are also guided by any relevant affordability criteria in the assessment plan.

Standard Total EPA Fee (excluding reassessment)
Business and administration
Business Administrator STO070 £750
Coaching Professional ST0809 £875
Operations or Departmental Manager STO375 £1250
Team Leader or Supervisor STO384 £800
Care services
Adult Care Worker STO005 £600 (remote PD)
Lead Adult Care Worker STO006 £600 (remote PD)
Lead Practitioner in Adult Care STO007 £1000
Leader in Adult Care STO008 £1000
Catering and hospitality
Chef de Partie STO227 £1600
Commis Chef STO228 £1300
Hospitality Manager STO229 £1100
Hospitality Supervisor STO230 £800
Senior Production Chef STO232 £800
Hospitality Team member STO233 £800
Production Chef STO589 £800
Senior Culinary Chef STO864 £1800
Digital Support Technician STO120 £2600
Digital Learning Designer ST0974 £2400
Education and childcare
Early Years Practitioner STO888 £600
Early Years Educator STO135 £700
Early Years Educator STO135 v1.3 £800
Early Years Lead Practitioner STO551 £1000
Engineering and manufacturing
Bicycle Mechanic STO622 £1100
Health and science
Healthcare Cleaning Operative STO843 £800
Sales, marketing and procurement
Customer Service Practitioner STO072 £650
Customer Service Specialist STO071 £700
Event Assistant STO168 £900 (remote PD)
Funeral Team Member STO594 £800
Funeral Director STO584 £900
Retailer STO327 £650
Retail Team Leader STO326 £750
Retail Manager STO325 £900

Charges include the cost of travel, administration of the assessment service, assessment planning, and assessment guidance and resources.

Where non-levy Employer contribution is the source of funding, VAT will be applied to that portion of the fee only. Otherwise, the stated charges include all taxes and shall be payable against submission of invoices from the Assessment Organisation.

Fee Schedule

The full EPA fee will be invoiced to the lead training provider when the Gateway/EPA referral is made and is non-refundable. Invoices are payable thirty days from receipt.

Additional Fees

Additional fees may be incurred which fall outside the scope of the Total EPA Fee, as summarised below.

Reassessment Fees

Incurred where one or more failed assessment components need to be resat or retaken.

All Standards 1st Reassessment Subsequent Reassessments
Each Component Reassessed £150 £150

Cancellation Fees

Incurred where insufficient notice is given to cancel or reschedule a planned assessment, or cancel a registration.

Cancelled Planned Assessment Components Less than 7 Days’ Notice More than 7 Days’ Notice
Each cancelled assessment components £150 £50
Cancelled EPA Registrations 8 Weeks or Less More than 8 Weeks
Cancelled/withdrawn EPA registrations £100 No fee
Reschedule of EPA Date (pre-gateway)
Change to EPA Date by more than 30 days £100


Incurred where a formal assessment decision appeal is made by, or on behalf of the apprentice.

Standard/ Product All Appeals
Each Formal Appeal Investigation £150

The Training Organisation is responsible for the payment of additional fees.