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*This price represents our maximum charge for the standard EPA (excluding reassessment). Please get in touch to discuss potential discounts and added value.

End-point Assessment Requirements

Functional Skills

Before an apprentice can progress to End-point Assessment, they must have achieved the relevant Functional Skills qualifications (or their equivalents). These are English, maths and (where applicable) ICT.

Level 2 apprentices are required to achieve Level 1 Functional Skills qualifications (or equivalent) and attempt Level 2 Functional Skills assessments both English and maths.

Level 3 (or Higher) apprentices are required to achieve Level 2 Functional Skills qualifications (or equivalent) in both English and maths.

On Demand Test

  • 2 hour written exam with a combination of short and extended answer questions, some incorporating scenarios
  • Marked by a different assessor to the independent end-point assessor who assesses the project/presentation and professional discussion.
  • Undertaken either on the employer’s premises or off site under exam conditions.

Retail Business Project and Presentation

  • The apprentice will provide a one-page synopsis of their project to the assessor one month before the end-point assessment process can begin
  • Project requires the apprentice to look at an immediate opportunity, problem, challenge or idea within their retail environment
  • The assessment plan does not specify a word count and allows for some flexibility in respect of how the project is formatted and presented. As a guide Professional Assessment would expect a word count of 5,000 words (+/- 5%)
  • 30 minute presentation to the independent end-point assessor, questions can be asked post assessment. The apprentice’s line manager can be present, but only as an observer

Professional Discussion

  • Planned in advance to allow the apprentice to prepare fully
  • A 60-minute structured discussion between the apprentice and the independent end-point assessor, designed to cover the period of learning, development and continuous assessment and personal development and reflection and it is a vehicle for clarifying or covering assessment gaps not covered by the project
  • The professional discussion will recognise where the apprentice has already shown/demonstrated competence and will not re-assess these areas
  • Professional discussions will be recorded and can be face to face or undertaken remotely via video conferencing.
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Available Resources

  • Training provider resource library
  • EPA Specification
  • Apprentice Get Ready Guide

How to engage with PAL.

Engaging with PAL couldn’t be easier. Simply contact us at or on 0800 1601899. Our senior team will contact you to find out about your requirements in more detail and discuss how we might need to adapt our approach to meet your needs. Once you are happy that PAL is the right fit for your programme, we set up your account, share our library of resources and support you to register your apprentices. You can then rest assured that you have a dedicated team on hand to guide you through your EPA journey and provide a responsive service when your apprentices are ready to be assessed.

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