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Additional Sites Information Statement

The purpose of this document is to provide information about our approach to assessment where employers and training providers have apprentices across different assessment sites.

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Administration and Invigilation of Tests Policy

This policy applies to all end-point assessments where there is a test or examination. Invigilation plays a vital role in ensuring that tests/examinations are conducted in a fair and appropriate manner.

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Appeals and Enquiries Policy and Procedures

The purpose of this policy is to outline the steps an apprentice (learner) or provider/employer must take when submitting an enquiry or appeal. The policy applies to Professional Assessment Ltd (PAL’s) end-point assessment service.

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Appropriate Policy for Processing Special Category Data

All of our stakeholders should feel confident in PAL’s handling of their personal data and how we use such data and be assured that we will only request and process essential data and that we strive to ensure data and information is collected, recorded, and compiled accurately and only used for stated purposes.

This policy provides information about the legal basis and safeguards that PAL has put in place for sensitive processing, the processing of special categories of personal data and criminal convictions data.

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Assessment Administration and Delivery Overview

This document provides the detail of the administrative processes for our end-point assessment service.

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Complaints Policy

The complaints policy seeks to ensure all parties concerned know how to direct their concerns to the appropriate personnel within PAL, and when/how to address their complaints to an external agency.

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Conflict of Interest Policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect our integrity as a business and the integrity of our qualifications (standards) and assessments by ensuring that conflict of interest procedures and processes addresses conflicts of interest that can lead to an adverse effect.

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Customer Service Statement

It is PAL’s intention to provide customers, including training providers, employers, their staff, and their apprentices/learners, with the very best of service, support, advice and facilitation in respect of all of our activities and services.

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Data Privacy Notice

Provides an overview of the situations PAL will process your data and a summary of data subjects rights

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Data Protection and Privacy Policy

The company holds and processes information about company employees, associates, apprentices, and other data subjects for academic, administrative and commercial purposes. This policy should be read in conjunction with the GDPR policy.

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End-point Assessment Manual

This document is for any Customer with Apprentices enrolled on an Apprenticeship wishing to use (PAL), end-point assessment service. The manual provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of those parties, specifically focussed on end-point assessment.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

The Equality and Diversity policy has been developed to ensure that Professional Assessment Limited (PAL) meets its responsibilities in regards to open and fair end-point assessment.

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Fair Access Policy

The purpose of this policy is to set out the principles which ensure apprentices undertaking end-point assessment (EPA) with PAL can do so fairly and without barriers or restriction, regardless of any protected characteristic they may have.

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Grading and Marking Policy

Professional Assessment Ltd (PAL) will grade end-point assessments based upon the grading criteria provided in the relevant assessment plan. This policy outlines the approach.

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Invoicing Policy

This policy sets out our approach to invoicing and associated matters for all PAL clients/purchasers. If you have any queries about the contents of the policy, or wish to give feedback, you can use our Freephone number 0800 160 1899, or email us via invoices@professionalassessment.co.uk.

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Maladministration and Malpractice Policy

This policy outlines PAL’s approach to ensuring the integrity of assessments and qualifications, and identifies practices that could constitute malpractice and maladministration from external stakeholders.

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Quality Assurance Manual for Providers and Employers

The Quality Assurance Manual for Providers and Employers outlines PAL’s expectations of third parties and (centres, where applicable). PAL does not make any recommendations regarding on-programme delivery, but as part of our Ofqual recognition, we must ensure that all of our stakeholders are aware of the General Conditions of Recognition and the regulatory requirements.

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Plagiarism and Cheating Policy

This PAL policy aims to ensure all parties involved in the delivery of assessment and qualifications know what constitutes plagiarism and cheating, the penalties and the sanctions for cheating or passing off someone else’s work as your own. Plagiarism and cheating are forms of malpractice.

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Prevent Policy and Implementation Plan

Prevent aims to safeguard at-risk and susceptible individuals (both adults and children) who may be in danger of becoming involved in terrorist activities; being radicalised or getting involved in some form of extremism activity. All PAL personnel, which includes associates, consultants, technical advisors, and the advisory group members have a responsibility to report any concerns about an individual, as outlined in this policy.

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Pricing Policy

This policy sets out PAL’s approach to EPA pricing and associated matters for all of PAL clients/purchasers. If you have any queries about the contents of the policy, or wish to give feedback, you can use our Freephone number 0800 160 1899, or email us via invoices@professionalassessment.co.uk.

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Reasonable Adjustments Application Form

Please complete the form below and upload supporting evidence to the EPA Pro portal

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Reasonable Adjustments Guidance

The purpose of this guide is to provide additional information regarding the application of fair and equitable reasonable adjustments in PAL’s end-point assessment offer.

The guide should be read in conjunction with the Special Considerations and Reasonable Adjustments Policy.

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Resit and Retake Policy

This policy outlines the provisions made for apprentices who fail one element or more of their independent end-point assessment. PAL works in accordance with the direction given via the apprenticeship assessment plans and the pertinent regulatory authorities in applying the resit and retake approaches.

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Results and Awards Policy

Finalising and awarding results for end-point assessments, and notification to the ESFA of apprentices results, alongside requesting an apprenticeship certificate for apprentices who are successful in their end-point assessment is the final stage of end-point assessment. The apprenticeship certificate provides apprentices with proof of achievement. The Results and Awards policy outlines PAL’s approach and procedures to results notification.

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Safeguarding Policy

The aim of the Company’s (Professional Assessment Limited) safeguarding policy is to advocate and provide an environment where all can work safely. The Company will take every reasonable precaution and due care to ensure the well-being of all of our stakeholders when delivering our EPA and audit and compliance services

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