Professional Assessment Limited has enshrined the principles of good leadership and accountability, utilising the combined code of governance and the standard articles of association for a limited company.  To support these principles, PAL has engaged with a range of external professionals to form the Advisory Group and EPA Review Group.  The over-arching aims of the groups are to provide impartial and different perspectives of the apprenticeship experience and marketplace, support and feed into PAL’s apprenticeship standard reviews and contribute to PAL’s continuous improvement activities.

PAL Advisory Group

  • The advisory group is a key aspect of PAL’s governance structure. The advisory group was founded in 2021 and had its inaugural meeting that September.

    The group’s remit is to balance and challenge the executive directors, bringing their expertise to support PAL in delivering sustainable business results, excellent customer service and a valid and reliable service offer that adds value to our clients.

    The group’s membership is representative of the apprenticeships and FE sector, and the industries we assess in. Members bring insight of current developments in apprenticeships in their sectors. The group understands how the regulatory bodies shape and influence apprenticeships and EPA.

  • Members serve a four-year term in a voluntary capacity.

    The group meets twice yearly, with scope to hold an extraordinary meeting should the need arise. As well as the members, PAL’s directors attend, with the meetings chaired by the Director of Audit and Compliance.

    The agenda covers major corporate developments and insights into key business activities to inform strategy.

    The advisory group supports PAL in expanding our offer and continuously improving the quality, relevance and accessibility of our assessment and funding compliance work. The group also provides counsel for the PAL board on operational, financial, and business planning matters.

    The advisory group acts as a critical friend. Members challenge and probe, and offer advice and opinions based on their expertise.

PAL EPA Review Group

  • PAL’s EPA review group was formally established in 2022, with its first meeting that September.

    The group’s remit is to:

    • Provide impartial and different perspectives of the apprenticeship experience and marketplace
    • Support and feed into PAL’s apprenticeship standard reviews
    • Contribute to PAL’s continuous improvement activities

    We meet twice yearly. There are currently around 25 active members, plus PAL staff and an independent chair.

    Our broad membership of specialists from across the apprenticeships sector enables us to receive and explore:

    • Developments in apprenticeships specifically for EPA
    • Challenges and perceptions of apprenticeships and EPA
    • Sector and EPAO updates

    The group also provides a critical friend role by receiving updates on PAL’s development and delivery activities, to review and make suggestions for improvement.

  • The group’s membership is comprised of:

    • Employers
    • Training providers
    • College representatives
    • Other EPAOs
    • Education specialists
    • PAL directors

Meet PAL’s Advisory Group

Paul Kelly, Qualifications Director at Professional Assessment Ltd

Jacqui Molkenthin

Jacqui has worked at the forefront of further and vocational education and apprenticeship policy design, implementation and operational delivery for 25 years. In that time, she has successfully worked with, and within, the public, private and voluntary sector to drive and deliver socio-economic growth.

For the past 8 years, Jacqui has worked specifically with apprenticeships, both designing apprenticeship standards, and setting up and managing a successful end-point assessment organisation.

Since 2018, Jacqui has worked as an independent consultant supporting new entrants to the end-point assessment market, supporting existing EPAOs to grow and develop, and to drive quality and compliance across end-point assessment.

Paul Kelly, Qualifications Director at Professional Assessment Ltd

Lindsey Appleby-Flynn

Lindsey is Head of Design & Development for Cera. Cera are a large, digital-first healthcare-at-home company. Lindsey manages the design and development of learning to the business.

Lindsey is also a director of a small apprenticeship provider in the North West that Cera owns and is responsible for all governance aspects of their business.

Lindsey is also an active member of the adult care trailblazer group and is co-chair of the children and young people’s trailblazer group, as well as being part of City & Guilds employer reference group.

Previously Lindsey has worked in learning and development in many different roles, all relating primarily to the health and social care sector. Prior to that Lindsay worked in both community and forensic mental health.

Paul Kelly, Qualifications Director at Professional Assessment Ltd

Alistair Sandall

Alistair has a wealth of experience in hospitality management, including:

  • 20 years as an Hotel General Manager
  • 5 years as a senior Hotel and Restaurant Inspector / Commercial Manager with the AA (Automobile Association).
  • 4 years as Head of Professional Development at the Institute of Hospitality
  • 18 months – to date: freelance hospitality consultant
Paul Kelly, Qualifications Director at Professional Assessment Ltd

Alyson Robson

Alyson is a highly experienced and inspiring leader who has been at the forefront of the Further Education sector for more than 20 years. Having built a career in schools, colleges, training providers and with employers, Alyson has a solid understanding of apprenticeships. Alyson has strategically led and managed everything from funding and compliance through to quality of delivery.

Previously a board member for People 1st, Alyson played an integral role in the development of the apprenticeship standards and the implementation of the levy system. In addition, Alyson played a role in the pilot scheme for seasonal apprenticeships and acted as a voice to Government.

PAL is committed to engaging with stakeholders and suppliers to address the risk of modern slavery in our operations and supply chain.

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