Portfolios of Evidence – How do they Contribute to End-point Assessment?

A common misconception about End-point Assessment is that it replaces the need for the apprentice to produce evidence of their performance while on programme, and the need for that evidence to be assessed by the on-programme assessor. However, portfolios of evidence feature as an End-point Assessment component in various apprenticeship assessment plans, so on-programme trainers and assessors need to know [...]

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Apprentices Must be Confident to Discuss Their Development at EPA

Contributed by Lucy Smith, Professional Assessor at PAL. End-point Assesment has changed the face of apprenticeships.  Not just in terms of how programmes are delivered, but also in terms of the additional skills apprentices have to develop in order to prove their competence and ability.  Ensuring the apprentice is fully proficient in the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours within the Standard is [...]

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Talk about End Point Assessment

Employers MUST be fully involved in the apprentices’ learning journey so that together they can measure their progress against the relevant new standard Don’t be afraid to have difficult and honest conversations with employers and apprentices if things are not going to plan. This is an opportunity to offer solutions! Communication is key. Line managers should find the time to [...]

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Stretching, Challenging and Aiming High

Focus your teaching and support on the areas and types of assessment that will be the most challenging for the individual apprentice Support apprentices fully; some will feel anxious about Endpoint Assessment. Combat this by encouraging them to PRACTISE, PRACTISE, PRACTISE! Continuously provide strong developmental feedback that will enhance and improve apprentices’ performance against the relevant standards

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Starting with the end in mind

Ensure that all parties are familiar with the standards and the content of the assessment plan. Design your training and formative assessment activities in line with the new standards – and the outcomes of the relevant End-point assessment Plan. Some apprentices and employers may wish to undertake some aspect of End-point remotely, and should feel confident about using the appropriate [...]

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