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Special Considerations and Reasonable Adjustments Policy

Assessment must be an inclusive and fair test of knowledge, skills and behaviours and PAL must ensure that individuals, or groups, are not subject to unfair advantages or disadvantages. To ensure that fair access is available to all apprentices while ensuring the validity of assessments, PAL implements a Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations policy.

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Special Considerations Application Form

Please download and complete this form in conjunction with the Special Considerations and Reasonable Adjustments Policy.

Completed forms should be sent to epasupportservices@professionalassessment.co.uk

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Website Policy

The PAL website is one of the key tools used to engage potential and existing purchasers, publish mandatory and key information relating to the organisation and its products and services, and to communicate with the wider sector and stakeholders. Appropriate management of the website and clear terms of use are essential to enable PAL to offer up-to-date information whilst ensuring clear boundaries for users of the site.

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Withdrawal Policy

This policy outlines the circumstances under which either PAL withdraws its end-point assessment services, or an employer/provider takes action to cease using PAL, as an EPAO. The policy also covers withdrawal as a centre, where an employer/provider holds such status.

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